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Dr. Sun Lu

Sun Lu graduated from the School of Stomatology of Tianjin Medical University and worked in the municipal tertiary hospitals and Gu Rui Dental Clinic. He has extensive clinical work experience in children and adults, focusing on the management of children's oral health and early detection and correction of children's bad habits. Including Facial deformity adult oral aesthetic restoration, pay attention to communication and communication with patients.

Recently published articles:

"Compound antibiotics for the treatment of acute periapical periodontitis" ((Clinical Stomatology));

"A Preliminary Study on the Quality of Modern Stomatology Physicians" ((Modern Stomatology))



Prevention and treatment of facial developmental abnormalities caused by bad habits in early childhood, oral health management for children and families, general dental treatment and restoration, treatment of common dental diseases of periodontal teeth in adults and aesthetic restoration.

出诊时间每周一至周五 预约电话:010-64136688 

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