Sanfine TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine)is rooted in ancient Chinese herbal medicine which takes a holistic approach in treating diseases. The TCM center offers a variety of rehabilitation and clinical treatments, inluding pulse diagnosis, accupucture, Tuina manipulation, herbal medicine therapy, and etc.

Our experienced TCM doctors with unique expertise may provide high-quality care to patients suffering from gynecological & andrological diseases, skin conditions , sub-health problems such as insomnia and chronic fatigue, acute body pains and chronic pain syndromes, as well as a wide range of difficult health problems.

Based on Sanfine Internatinal Hospital, TCM center innovatively applies modern medical facilities and up-to-date scientific knowledge in clinical treatments. This combination of TCM with modern technology provides a standard and quantitative result support to TCM doctors, who offered a diagnosis description based on syndromes and patient characteristics. A synergism of all ingredients in traditional herbal medicine with clinical treatments of accupuncture and manipulation will bring about the maximum of therapeutic efficacy.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been the forefront of the global research community's attention in recent years depending on its proven results and unique Chinese culture value.
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