Customer Care
Admission Processes

Sanfine International Hospital – Patient Admission Process

1. To book an appointment with a doctor for a known illness, please dial 010-64136688. For an unknown illness, please make an appointment to see the family/ general physician by dialing 010-64136688.

2. If you are driving to the hospital, please park your car at Sanfine International Hospital’s dedicated parking spaces located at the B2 level of Shimao International Center. The elevator located at the B2 parking level will take you directly to the 1st floor of the hospital. Alternatively, you may use the dedicated parking space near the hospital’s main entrance. 

3. If you are taking a taxi, please get off at the Shimao International Center building on Gongti North Road. If you are taking the subway, you can choose to get off at one of the three stations shown in the map below.

4. Upon arrival, please approach the customer service desk. The customer service staff will prompt you to fill out the registration and medical forms.

5. The staff will then guide you to the nurse’s station.

6. The nurse will take you to meet your doctor and after consultation and diagnosis, the doctor will evaluate whether you need to be admitted to the hospital.


7. The nurse will assist you in case any necessary examinations are required.

8. If you need to be admitted to the hospital, you will be required to pay any deposit at your own expense. If you have insurance, customer service staff will contact your insurance provider for pre-authorization. Once you have filled out the insurance related forms, such as the claims sheet, the customer service staff will contact the insurance company to process the payment.

9. After admission a nurse will escort you to your room. 

10. The nurse will provide you with relevant information related to the hospital and introduce you to the ward facilities, use of communication devices etc. 

11. A hospital gown, slippers, toiletries, etc. will be provided. 

12. The nurse will continue with routine duties such as measuring vital signs, recording allergies, medical history, special dietary requirements, registering your hospital wrist band etc. 

Sanfine International Hospital – Patient Discharge Procedure

1. Your attending doctor will visit you regularly to conduct check-ups. During this period, if your illness becomes severe or shows lack of improvement, the doctor will arrange for a consultation with a specialist.


2. If you are recovering well, your doctor or team of doctors (including specialists and rehabilitation staff) will confirm your discharge and provide the hospital with your post care instructions. 

3. The ward nurse will communicate with you to arrange a convenient time to schedule your discharge.


4. Before leaving, your doctor will provide further guidance on recovering after discharge. If you require a follow-up visit, customer service will arrange an appointment according to both the doctor's medical advice and your time availability. 

5. Medicines may be collected from the hospital pharmacy. The pharmacists will provide dosage instructions and all other information related to the medicines.

6. Customer service staff will confirm the total amount to be paid, mode of payment etc. on the day of discharge.

7. Your attending doctor may need to contact you regarding your follow-up. Please ensure you are reachable by phone. 

8. If you need to cancel or reschedule your follow-up appointments, please call 010-64136688.