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Insurance and Billing

Sanfine International Hospital will accept various payment methods such as: cash, check, credit card, debit card or wire transfer. Additionally, upon verification, your medical bill could be covered entirely by your insurance provider.
A list of partner insurance companies will be updated on our website shortly.

What is direct billing?

Direct billing is an arrangement between your health insurance provider and Sanfine International Hospital in which our staff will send your bill directly to your health insurance company for payment. Direct billing saves you the trouble of receiving the bill and filing the claim yourself, eliminating the need for you to handle the initial interaction with your insurance provider. However, it does not eliminate the need for you to pay any additional costs that aren't covered within your insurance agreement.


List of Insurance Companies

Beijing Sanfine International Hospital Direct Billing Procedure

Please ensure to bring your insurance card, valid ID card (Passport or Driving License) and arrive at the hospital reception 15 minutes before treatment. Customer service will arrange your registration file. As well, please ensure to bring your bank card for non-covered direct billing items.

Our customer service staff will assist you with filling in the relevant claim form as needed for eligible direct billing items. The complete bills & claim form raised from this consultation will be sent directly to your health insurance provider for payment collection.

You will need to sign on both the bill & the complete claim form when your consultation is finished. Customer service will inform you of any copayment and deductibles not covered by your insurance policy that you are responsible to settle.

For non-direct billing items such as dental service or health package service, our cashier will provide you with the invoice and relevant claim documents after you pay out-of-pocket so that you can process the claim from the insurance provider by yourself.

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