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Dr. Zhang Hong Liang

Engaged in clinical work for nearly ten years, dedicated to the field of minimally invasive oral aesthetic restoration, and has his unique insights into the restoration of dental cosmetic porcelain veneers. He is good at minimally invasive dental treatments and has extensive clinical experience. He routinely applies computer-assisted repair technology and aesthetics Digital Smile Design to serve customers with very high aesthetic requirements. He has professional medical concepts and rich practical experience. During the treatment process, the operation is gentle so that the patient can complete the treatment in a safe state, make complete oral health care and treatment plan for the patient, be careful and patient, and win the patient's trust.

I studied dental preservation and restoration design with Dr. Francesco Mangani in 2012 and studied minimally invasive aesthetic restoration with Italian aesthetic restoration master Dr. Mauro Fradeani in 2014. In 2016, I learned the design of digital aesthetic restoration with DSD founder Coachman. Ukrainian doctor Maxim began to enter the field of minimally invasive aesthetic restoration.



Especially good at minimally invasive oral aesthetic restoration, good at fixed restoration, movable denture restoration, inlay, and all-ceramic veneer restoration, as well as endodontic treatment, periodontal scaling, wisdom tooth extraction, and other treatments.

出诊时间:每周一至周五 预约电话:010-64136688 

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