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Message from the President
2015年秋季,在北京最富时代气息、最具国际化色彩的都市核心——三里屯地区,集先进医学技术和极致人文关怀于一体的国际化综合医院—— 北京善方医院正式开业了。In the autumn of 2015, Beijing Sanfine international hospital, an international general hospital integrating advanced medical technology and extreme humanistic care, was officially opened in Sanlitun, the core of Beijing's most modern and international city.


作为院长,我深感责任重大。我将与善方医院全体员工一道,以谦卑和学习的心态,去努力践行科技成就人文关怀的创新型医疗模式,追求国际化医疗实践与中国本土优质医疗市场的有机结合,为中国医疗健康事业的发展尽一份绵薄之力,为国内外客人在京寻求高品质医疗服务提供一个极佳的选择。 As president, I feel deeply responsible. I will work with all staff of Sanfang international hospital, with humility and learning attitude, to practice the innovative medical mode of scientific and technological achievements and humanistic care, pursue the organic combination of international medical practice and Chinese local high-quality medical market, make a modest contribution to the development of China's medical and health undertakings, and provide an excellent service for domestic and foreign guests seeking high-quality medical services in Beijing choice.


Leading medical equipment, cutting-edge medical technology, excellent medical personnel and advanced service concept are the four cornerstones for Shanfang hospital to stand, develop and expand. Because of this, people-oriented and patient-centered service concept has been fully reflected in the hospital. At the beginning of the establishment of the hospital, we learned from JCI standards to establish a medical quality and safety system in line with international standards, and was approved by the American Heart Association (AHA) to build an international first-class emergency training center and hospital emergency system. High level family doctors and specialist teams cooperate with each other and complement each other to protect the health of patients. The bilingual service system with medical staff as the core, international medical insurance direct payment channel, strict patient privacy protection measures, and professional and efficient customer service team provide reliable guarantee for guests with different cultural backgrounds to receive intimate, comfortable and comfortable medical services in Shanfang hospital.

通过与国际著名医疗设备厂家进行广泛合作,引进他们在各自优势领域的最新高端产品,善方医院得以为患者提供高标准的门诊、住院及手术一站式医疗服务,并在多个临床学科应用国际前沿的诊疗技术。此外在心脑血管疾病早期预防与诊治、恶性肿瘤的早期筛查与微创治疗等领域,善方医院也为患者提供卓越的医疗服务。当然,所有这一切的取得均离不开善方医院已经建立的优秀医疗队伍。随着医院与国内外业界同行、研究机构、医生集团合作的深入,我们的医疗队伍将更为强大和优秀,先进医学技术引进的深度和广度也将上一个新台阶。Through extensive cooperation with famous international medical equipment manufacturers and the introduction of their latest high-end products in their respective advantageous fields, Sanfine international hospital has been able to provide patients with high-standard one-stop medical services for outpatient, inpatient and surgical treatment, and apply international cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment technology in many clinical disciplines. In addition, in the fields of early prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, early screening and minimally invasive treatment of malignant tumors, Shanfang hospital also provides excellent medical services for patients. Of course, all these can not be achieved without the excellent medical team established by Shanfang hospital. With the deepening cooperation between the hospital and the industry peers, research institutions and doctor groups at home and abroad, our medical team will be more powerful and excellent, and the depth and breadth of the introduction of advanced medical technology will also go to a new level.

善方医院致力于呵护您的健康,我们不求最大最全,但求精致完美!提供超越您期待的高品质医疗服务是我们不懈的追求,也是我们不断进步的动力!Sanfine international hospital is committed to taking care of your health, we do not seek the largest and most complete, but exquisite and perfect! To provide high quality medical service beyond your expectation is our unremitting pursuit and the driving force for our continuous progress!